Wednesday, 30 November 2011

How is this possible...

I am 5 weeks pregnant and look about 5 months! I have given up wearing normal clothes as none of them fit me and will be forever grateful to my friends who have donated their maternity clothes that they no longer need. At this rate I will be an elephant by the time this baby is born! My husband is away for the week and I believe will be shocked by the weekend when he comes home at what he finds. How can a baby who is only 2.5mm in size make me this big?!!

Now it sounds like I am complaining, which I assure you, I am not! However, I am concerned!! Apart from being large (!) the only other symptoms I currently seem to have (one of which I have discovered whilst writing this blog!) are listed:

  • I now cry at everything
  • I'm VERY hungry
  • I can no longer spell (this is the one just discovered!)
  • I cannot remember anything, so it seems baby brain as kicked in early!
I am told at this point the lack of memory is very amusing, its when I forget to pick my son up from school that you have to, now you mention it, I'm off!!

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