Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Small rant...

Is it just me, or is it difficult to find people you can rely on?

Its not that there is malice involved, or at least I don't think so, but for someone who has always liked to think of themselves as a good judge of character, it seems that I have been let down by friends once too often and can count true friends on one hand...those people that even if you don't see them for months or sometimes years, the friendship you have created is the same as it always was. Then there are those that you spend a lot of time with relatively to the amount of spare time you have with a busy life, and those are the ones that should be relied upon and those are the ones that stab you in the back and hurt you the most.

The question is, do you confront them about it? Or do you let it go and forgive? there is a concept, one that is alien to many of us, and takes years to develop and use. Through my 'journey' of growing and accepting the past and the issues of life, I have started to see a Chinese medical practitioner. It is her who suggested that through this growth and the healing that perhaps the things that are bothering me need to be released instead of dealt with, and that my friendships should possibly be I getting out of my friendships what I need and what I expect, or are they really just hurting me more than they should? This leads me to further questions, like where do you meet people that think in the same way as you do? The sort of people that as friends there is no real effort involved in conversation, it is natural and comfortable and flows, the result being that you feel more fulfilled because of this friendship. One where you can talk about anything, openly and freely without fear of they exist? These friendships, are they real? Or is it unrealistic to expect this kind of relationship with another person?

Over the years, and more recently also, I have felt let down by people more times than I feel comfortable with...but do I live with it? Or do I address it with the people involved/responsible and live with the possible recriminations?

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  1. thought provoking and if when reading you start to get a sick feeling in the pit of your tummy, think long and hard about you..your friendships, what they mean to you and how much you give and how much you get, if that isnt balanced take action now before its too late. Without true friends are hearts are missing out and we are not complete. True friends are not just for christmas they are for life...its not the amount of time you invest after all we are all mega busy with life...its the quality even if only a quick coffee or phone call, or text.....we all love to know we are loved and cared for...we all want to be wanted and loved.