Thursday, 3 November 2011

I found my old blog...and here it is!

wednesday, may 27, 2009

BFF - really?!

I don't get the concept of best friends. Sure close friends and confidants but why does there have to be a 'leader'v

The idea seems infantile in many ways not least confusing.

It may seem to many that my opinion is based on what sounds like jealousy and that my be true in part but it is the concept that I'm questioning not the choices made as to who qualifies.

Over our lifetimes we make and lose many friends. Some are sadly missed and some not given a second thought but many past and present remain in our conciousness because of the lasting impression made by that person, good or bad.

Friendships are chosen, though many are chosen badly and often those that are good are not nurtured and die.

BFF - I don't buy it! Its another relationship title that gives the recipient excuse to take the relationship for granted and let it wither.

wednesday, may 13, 2009


Friends help define who we are. In their own way they mould us, they guide us, they listen to us, they advise us...

For a while, for whatever reason, I didn't have close friends, and now I don't know how I survived.

My best friend, Mel, is more of a friend to me than any friend has ever been. She has given more than any friend before and for the first time, I have a friendship that feels equal. How can you want for more than that?

If everything else fails, friends are there and that's all you need.

tuesday, may 12, 2009

it is what it is!

When it happened I was more than shocked but living the way I had for so long I guess in a way I was lucky it was only that to deal with.

Deal with it...I didn't really. I denied it in my head, my life , my conciousness for a long time till it didn't hurt so much and wasn't so raw.

Life hurts and the most painful things are really what make you who you are. The pain is in a box now and stays there.

Life moves on and gets better and life becomes more than it ever was or could have been.

It's time for an attitude change!

Things might be tough right now but really, are they that bad? Isn't it about a state of mind?

I've come to the conclusion that if you realise how much you have instead of what you don't have your perspective changes.

Short but sweet!

wednesday, april 29, 2009

Its just amazing how perspective changes...

As I have previously ranted about life is not easy but its funny how quickly your perspective can change, even little things give your view point new light and your once closed thought process begins to let new light in and you feel the pressure dropping.

Everybody has their own 'deal' - the stuff they deal with, the stress their life brings and to the individual, their own problems can seem insurmountable, and sometimes they are, but mainly things are never as bad as they first appear and everything can be solved. I really think its all about mind set.

If you put positive thoughts 'out there' I believe it is more likely you will achieve your goals. I know it sounds like mumbo jumbo, but I don't care! I think its true.

So this is me, putting my positive thoughts out there -

• I want health and happiness for my family and myself
• For life to be a little easier
• To be contented with what I have and not 'want' so much.

There, that covers enough ground!

Feel free to blog your thoguhts here reader - be interesting to compare...

wednesday, april 22, 2009

So how do you really know when enough is enough?!!

Sometimes, life just tires you out for no real reason - do you find that? Exhausting. The grind, the responsibility, the relentlessness.

When you are young, a child really, you are too young and naïve to appreciate your youth and the cliche of youth being wasted on the young becomes true. Its tragic and heart breaking at the same time.

I look at my son and want the world for him - to give him the world actually, and it kills me to know the anguish he will go through at times growing up. I still feel that anguish only it becomes worse when motherhood arrives!

Humanity is so tough - just being us. My dog has a great life! Eating, sleeping, barking, digging - simple no hassle no responsibility, very much like childhood. If only we stayed that way longer...

tuesday, april 21, 2009

How do you stop your head hurting!

My head hurts! Not from too much booze or from the average head ache, but from life!

Sounds depressing I know but without sounding like a miserable old git, it all pretty much stinks at the moment! Well, look at it - the whole world's economy has gone down the shitter, there's no money, no jobs and even though here in the UK we are unable to complain about the weather at the moment, everyone is so fed up all the time.

To be honest feeling like this is probably made worse by having just returned from a week in the country. By the way, the South Downs are just beautiful.

I honestly think that living a simpler life, even returning to a simpler time, would in many ways make the us all much happier. The stress attached to life as it stands currently can at times be unbearable. It makes me want to run away and hide!

And what is going to change?! Anything?! Nothing?! I mean come on, seriously. The media puts such a slant on everything, how is anyone supposed to use free thought to make there mind up. How can there be any perspective? Everyone has got their own agenda - all bias!

Yes, I know, what is the matter with all of this I'm spouting, but I'm only saying what others are thinking!

So much time has gone by!

How I have managed to let so much time pass and not blog amazes me! Life got in the way as normal. To be fair to myself, I did have a baby, though being honest that was 2 and a half years ago now!!
As you can see - he is already a little dude!

Anyway, I pledge that from here forward I will be here a lot more! I have a lot to say and this is as good a place as any to say it!!

friday, april 28, 2006

So what's it all about?!!

So, I'm pregnant!!! Ahhh!! I'm really pleased and excited but also very freaked out!!

I'm 5 weeks gone (5 weeks and 1 day!!). Have already bought a book about pregnancy so I can see what's happening with the baby and how big (or little!) it is at every stage. Plus I get to read about all of the delightful thing that will happen to by body over the next 8 months or so!

And just to be awkward, of course I am due on the 28th of December! So its going to be a Christmas baby.

Still trying to get used to the idea. Can't think about anything else at the moment. The first things I think when I wake up in the morning is 'Oh my God I'm pregnant!'.

Jules is made up about it. Only concern is telling Lisa and the boys. He is going to tell her tonight and see what her response is. Hopefully it won't be as bad as he is expecting but who knows till it happens. Have to wait and see about so many things right now.


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