Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Do we really want another one?

Its the 5am wake up call that really puts us easy step to put the whole family in a bad mood for the rest of the day is for our little man to wake up early and start shouting (because he is currently afraid of the dark so shouts instead of getting out of bed!) that he wants the door open 'just a little bit, please'! At least he is polite, but polite or not at 5am the answer is 'NO'! And if there is two of them, how can it get any better?

My husband has no children of his own and has never lived with a baby or very small child. I keep trying to tell him that the sleep he loves so much will, hopefully (really?!) soon be a thing of the past, as there is no way I am doing all the night feeds and early mornings. I did that with my son as my ex did nothing to help and there is no way I'm doing it again! Part of the deal when we got married was that we would have one child and see how it goes. I am 34 now, granted not old, but its a lot harder getting up in the night than it was when I was 29.

Last night I went to see my CMW (Chinese Medicine Woman, for those that have not read previous posts!) and she did her treatment on me of acupuncture and reiki. I have been going weekly now for about 5 weeks. The first time I went I hadn't ovulated and was on day 21 of my cycle which is normally about 30 days. The following day I, according to my Clear Blue Fertility monitor, ovulated as I hit my first 'Peak' of the month. According to the chart I use to monitor my cycle on, I should be due to ovulate on Saturday this month. I had my first high this month 3 days ago, and I think after acupuncture last night, my ovulation has moved forward! I don't know if that is a ridiculous thing to suggest but, for me, I am early to hit a 'Peak' today and all the other signs seem to agree, so we'll see what happens.

On a slightly different point, I read that the swimmers are much more 'lively', for want of a better expression, first thing in the morning...maybe its because they have had a good nights sleep! Anyway, when you have a 5 year old in the house, the morning can be tricky. Yesterday my husband decided to use this information I found to instigate the relevant activity! However, at the time, my son was sat on the bed with us...that's just wrong!

Distracting a 5 year old with the idea of going to look for a 'little red truck that Nana bought for you ages ago' in his bedroom whilst my husband does his best to get the 'job done' as quickly as possible, is not that easy. You don't need to picture the scene, though it may be difficult not to following my description, but talking my son through where the truck might be hidden, as I knew it was, whilst my husband is, and there is no delicate way of putting this, grunting on top of me (OMG!), is a very tricky thing to do! Thank god my son didn't walk back into the room during the antics that were unfolding! Seriously, is baby making meant to be like this? I think not!!

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