Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Sometimes, being a parent is exhausting!

I found out today from another Mum at my son's school that tomorrow they have to wear something spotty to school for 'Children in Need'. Boys do not have spotty clothes so this meant a night time dash to the supermarket for a cheap t-shirt and something to use to create the this case, bingo dabbers in a variety of colours making the orange t-shirt I bought randomly spotty. For someone who is the least creative person in the world, this was quite an achievement and I was very proud. Now all I have to worry about is whether my son's torso is going to get stained with the bingo ink as the day goes on and he gets warmer!

Its odd because this morning it occurred to me that I wanted to make my own clothes, which if you knew me you would know was a ridiculous thought! As you can imagine my immediate thought was 'ooo, I want to nest, I must be pregnant', stupid neurotic brain! In fairness thought did occur right after I decided that all shops are stupid as the don't make clothes for real women, so maybe it was just frustration at the stupid shops!

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