Thursday, 3 November 2011

How long is it going to take?

Its been 8 months, and still no further...yes, getting knocked up is not as easy as you would think!

I have decided to talk about this as it is something very current in our lives and its not a secret that since I married my second husband we have been trying to have a baby.

So, after the initial few months of daily temperature taking and making charts and getting wound up about the whole thing, I had to stop that! I have been using a fertility monitor for about 6 months, which, and I'm sorry about the detail, basically involves peeing on a stick, similar to a pregnancy test every day that the little machine tells you to, then putting the stick in the machine and it reads it and tells you what's happening with your hormones and how close to ovulation you are. This gets boring! And the claims that it will increase your chances of getting pregnant by 89% seem to be a stretch as if that was true, wouldn't I be pregnant by now?

I have a son from a previous marriage, who is nearly 5 now, so we can assume that I 'work', so what's the problem? My husband? Unlikely. He is healthy and only 31, doesn't smoke, hardly drinks. We could go and get all the tests done, but why go through the stress of that so early on (early? Doesn't feel early!).

So I chose another route...Chinese medicine. I have mentioned my Chinese medicine woman (that's a long name, we'll go with CMW!) before and she is, I have to say, great. I have no idea if the acupuncture and reiki she does on me is working, but the things she says make sense, and my body has started to 'operate' slightly differently. All my old issues and even my more recent ones that I have buried and not dealt with are coming to the surface, many of these things I have't thought about for years, and I suddenly have the urge to deal with them or address them in some way...hence my earlier rant!

You may think that acupuncture and reiki in particular as rubbish and don't work. My opinion is how can one be so arrogant to assume that a practice based on thousands of years of use and helping people and gained wisdom can be based on nothing? Until I am convinced otherwise, I intend to be open minded about all things that I don't have the foresight and knowledge to disagree with.

The 'healing' is helping. That is a fact. I feel different, my behaviours in certain areas are different, during reiki I can feel my energy or 'chi' moving and changing...poo poo if you choose to, but if it helps ones state of mind as it appears to be doing with me, who am I to say that it won't help my fertility?

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