Sunday, 6 November 2011

Over so fast!

Weekends are so unfair! We spend all week looking forward to them, then they slip by without us even noticing!

My son was with his father this weekend so we went to visit my family. The problem with doing this when you are trying to have a baby to deciding whether it is appropriate to procreate in your father's house when the purpose of the procreation is new life?!! My fertility monitor told me my hormones were high so we had to take the risk, as quietly as husband was then mortified that someone may have heard our silent movements and came down to breakfast looking one had heard!

This baby making business is an effort though, and everything has to be scheduled around the possibility of ovulation...flamin' hormones! When sex begins to rule your life for all the wrong reasons, surely its time to re-think and remember how it is supposed to be?!

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