Thursday, 1 December 2011

Its out there!

Since I am so bad at keeping my mouth shut, particularly due the excitement involved, I have announced to the world that I am pregnant, and what a relief!!

I can understand wanting to keep quiet until after the first scan but how?!! How do you do that? I think women are programmed to talk more than they should and when there is something good to talk about, they just do! I had to convince hubby it was a good idea, but as I pointed out, it isn't him who is trying to hide the enormous norks and the constantly growing belly!! So he agreed!

I think that keeping secrets is hard and when you are trying to keep secret something so huge and exciting, keeping your mouth shut actually becomes quite a negative thing and to me that can't be a healthy thing to do, can it?

Now the pressure is off and I can let the belly grow without worrying about trying to hide it, which is becoming difficult anyway.

By the way, does anyone have any recommendations for where to buy attractive maternity bras? I have some from Debenhams, but attractive they are not! I am also wary that considering the rate I am growing that I am unlikely to be in one size for long, so don't want to spend too much on them...

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