Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Blogging hiatus!

I feel I have been a little remiss with the blog of late, and though I have plenty of excellent reasons for this, I still feel a bit bad about it...so, how was your Christmas and New Year, and a very Happy New Year to you all!

We lost my Grandmother over Christmas so it wasn't as it normally would have been and was quiet and a little strange without her there, she was missed and always will be xx

As for my pregnancy, well, I don't remember feeling like this last time...I feel shocking! Which could be for one of two reasons, either its very different as this pregnancy is with a different father to my first or I am having a girl, I can't decide which. Either way, I did not feel like this when I was having my son. I have not got one once of energy in my body, and if I get at all hungry I feel sick and get heart burn at the same time! I am just shy of 10 weeks now, so am hoping this rubbish first stage will be over in a couple of weeks, and bring on the 'glow' I say...

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