Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Oh how things change...

As Britney says...'its been a while'!! Ok, terrible reference to make, but at least the sentiment is true!

Life has changed, life has improved and I'm getting happy again, and this time I'm not making my life around a man!!! I'm doing it for me and the kids.

I've started a new business with a friend, which now means I suppose that not only are we friends, we are business partners too! And will be starting a new blog in the next few days in relation to the business. So we are selling knickers!!! Hahaha!

Well, not just knickers! Mandy and I actually met in a lingerie shop where she measured me for undies after I finished breast feeding my youngest son...so I guess maybe it follows that within a year of meeting, we have gone into business selling lingerie...well, lingerie, sex toys, sexy fancy dress and various accessories that go with the it!

So visit our web site www.saucyfun.co.uk, or find us on Facebook and like us, or on Twitter @SaucyFun...I will continue with the updates here also, but our new blog will be connected to our website, so you can read more there too...toodle-loo for now!! xx

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