Friday, 3 August 2012

He's here!!

My son was born last Wednesday, 25th July 2012 at 5.02am, 7lb 11ozs, after 28 hours of labour! He is gorgeous and such a good boy settling into a routine already.

The labour, as I suppose labour is supposed to be, was awful! The care I was given by the midwives at the hospital was less than adequate. Both myself and my birth partner asked and asked for pain relief and kept telling them things were happening and changing, but it made no difference and in the end I delivered nearly without medical care at all, on 4 puffs of gas and air. Thank goodness there were no exceptional circumstances as had there been something terrible could have happened to either myself or my son.

As the person in labour, why don't they listen to you? I know they are supposed to be the experts and can examine you etc, but surely you are the one who knows how you feel and what it feels like is happening to your body? It felt to me that they simply thought I was being dramatic...I honestly wasn't. It was agony from start to finish and the care was poor.

Thankfully, my gorgeous little boy is here and is doing great. He was born with a tooth, so breastfeeding has been a little challenging but I'm persisting with it, and it seems to be paying off as far as him being settled and happy goes, and also I am back in my pre-pregnancy clothes!

His father? Well, he texts every morning to ask how he is. Apart from that, has been threatening and difficult within 3 days of his birth expecting me to hand him over to go to meet his family. NOT A CHANCE! In the end, I had to have his family here in my house for them to meet him. He has visited once since, and has so far only contributed with 2 packs of nappies and some baby toiletries. No mention of contributing to the expense of all the other things babies need. Next week I have an appointment with my solicitor to file for divorce. Why would I want to remain around a man who thinks it is acceptable to threaten me with legal action over my sons surname when I was 9 months pregnant? And think it acceptable to hand over a 2 day old baby to go away from a breastfeeding mother? What an arse!!

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